I Am 52 and Considering Breast Reduction Surgery. Extensive Procedure?

Weight: 162, Height: 5ft. I wear a 38DDD minimizer –Would like to be C cup (not smaller). Approx how many grams would need to be removed? I know only a surgeon who physically sees me can determine this - looking for ballpark figures. Anthem BCBS (Connecticut), anyone have experience on having them cover this? I have extensive shoulder grooving, have never really gone for pain management with back or neck. See an acupuncturist for joint and muscle pain. Anyone know if it takes months to get it approved?

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Breast Surgery

Yes, breast reduction surgery is a big case. Even though it is outpatient surgery it is a big physiological change. That being said, if you are physically healthy it can be a great life changing operation.

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Breast reduction criteria

Breast reduction from 38DDD to a C is 3 cup size reduction, which corresponds to about 800 grams of tissue removed.  This may not be appropriate for you and may not meet insurance criteria.  Insurance companies will base weight removal on your body surface area which is calculated from your height and weight.  Also, you must have symptoms that are related to the large breasts, such as neck and back pain.

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You would do well with a BR

you would very much appreciate the benefits of a BR. the vast majority of

women have a great improvement in their symptoms. your wt is fairly high if you are only 5.0 (162lbs) so you should consider losing some wt. the more wt you lose, the more the plastic surgeon can remove and still keep your body in balance. you should allow 6 wks for insurance authorization but it frequently takes less time. you should have no trouble getting  insurance approval with most plans. 



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ps only see a board certified plastic surgeon 

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Candidate for Breast Reduction?

You sound like an excellent candidate for breast reduction. You are right, it is difficult to estimate the number of grams that would need to be removed to get you to a C cup. Usually preauthorization can occur within a month. Typically 500grams or more may be removed per breast. Most women have considerable improvement in their symptoms following breast reduction. Make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to be evaluated and get more information on this procedure.

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