5'2 325 Cc Saline Under Muscle 112 Lb 11 Base Width Petite. Big Difference in Size 275/325cc?

I am 5'2 112 lb 34A base width 11. I want saline implants. My surgeon and I met and decided on 275 cc high profile under muscle at consult. I went back for my pre-op appt with goal pics and tried 300 and 325 cc, the nurse thought the 325 looked more natural and said I could go up to 380 based on my measurements so 325 is not pushing it. I'm having nightmares this is too big, any thoughts on difference between 275 and 325? I trust my dr will make me look great, I am just super anxious. Thanks.

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Numbers are a best guess concerning breast augmentation

You cannot "try on" an implant and read the number when planning a breast augmentation. It just is not that easy. Next caution is a high profile saline as the imlpant is rather round and you might look better with a larger moderate profile, just my bias. The photos you share, and the bra you wish to wear should give you surgeon the insights to know just what your 'look' should be. Show the 'just right' and you should not be too big after.

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275 vs 325

There isn't a significant difference between 275cc and 325cc implants.  If you think about it, a tablespoon is 15cc so the 50cc difference between the two implants is about 3 tablespoons.  With respect to implant dimensions, there is a several millimeter difference (less than a quarter inch) between the two.  If you trust your surgeon and you have communicated your goals then you will probably be just fine.  I find using temporary sizing implants in the OR to be helpful in making a final decision about implant size and you may wish to ask your doctor if he will be using sizers.  Good luck.

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Size for Breast Augmentation

I utilize computer imaging to illustrate what a particular implant will look like in an individual. The combination of simulation of the result combined with a discussion and inserts of sizers is very useful in giving the patient an idea of what to expect.

Jay M. Pensler, MD
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