5'2 175lb Currently a Large B, is 400cc a Good Size?

I am planning to have a tummy tuck and liposuction on hips, bra roll and underneath breasts as I have large rib cage. Will I look too top heavy?

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You Should Not Have Plastic Surgery!

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Liposuction is for the treatment of localized fat excess...it may reduce a bulge or two, but it will not get you looking the way you want nor will it make you any healthier.

And I'd bet a nickel that an augmentation would make you look heavier, which I presume you do not want. 400 cc implants are large for just about anyone, and if you have as much skin stretch as many women with your BMI would have, those implants stand a good chance to go south over time.

Others have suggested that you lose weight. Well, we know that is easier said that done. Diet, exercise, and behavior modification can obviously work sometimes, but have a dismal long term success rate. The only thing that cures obesity long term is surgery.

So ...and I know this is not what you were asking nor expecting ....I suggest that you skip plastic surgery for now and instead consult with a bariatric surgeon to consider a Lap Band or some other weight loss surgery. If your insurance does not cover it, just put up the same money you would have spent on the augmentation and liposuction and pay for it yourself.

That is the ONLY thing that will give you the body you want AND make you healthier. Everything else is painting over rust.

I know this sounds abrupt and blunt, but I challenge anyone to show me a series of patients at your height and weight who looked better and were one iota healthier in the long run after just a breast augmentation and liposuction.

I am an aesthetic surgeon., but above all else, I am a physician first, and therefore my advice is based upon what is most likely to make you healthier, which fortunately is also what will make you look the most beauiiful.

Top heavy implants or liposuction

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I believe that you may look top heavy since these are large implants for someone that is 5-2. You've got some weight to lose so beware of liposuction when you're best served by losing the weight and then getting measured for the right implants. Either way, the best measure of success is in person, if your ABPS certified plastic surgeon has recommended this and you feel a good trusting relationship then you should move forward with confidence!

Best Wishes,


Questions re implant size

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Before answering the question about implant size, are you sure that you are close to 10-20 pounds of your ideal weight? I honestly would rather doubt it at 5'2" and 175. I would strongly encourage you to lose the weight first and then have the TT and lipo. You will get a much better result doing it in this order.

Whether a 400 implant is big on you depends on your chest wall width and the profile of the implant. It may look large at your height and maybe when your weight is less, you could use a smaller implant and look excellent.

Right size for you

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It is important to understand that the only way to decide on the right implant size for you is to pay attention to your body. Everyone is different and a full B to you may not be the same as a full B to your surgeon or your friends. Ask your surgeon to see pictures of other women that have your stature and talk to your surgeon about what he expects.

Need pictures to know the best for you

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Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Without seeing pictures, there is no way for myself or any of the respondents to know what is best for you!

Breast Augmentation may be a great procedure for you, balancing out your figure if you carry your weight in your lower body. But if you carry most of your weight in your upper body, then implants can make you appear top heavy. If your weight is evenly distributed, but you have small breasts, then 400 cc might be perfect.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, is purely elective! If after a thorough examination and discussion of the procedure and alternatives, it is decided that breast augmentation balances your figure, improves your appearance, and likely your self esteem, and it is not a particularly risky procedure for you, then I believe it is a reasonable option.

I'm guessing that 400cc could be a good size

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Impossible questions to answer without photos. 400 cc's could be great but it is just a guess. If you can not post photos than go see 3 boarded plastic surgeons. Regards.

Breast implant enlargement or augmentation with 400 cc implants.

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At 5'2" and 175 pounds, you are approximately 60 pounds overweight. You should be 115 pounds and at most 130. Having some of these procedures, especially the liposuction may not be necessary. Some plastic surgeons advise against liposuction below the breasts when performing a tummy tuck because it may compromise the blood supply to the skin.

Currently, your best guide is to use a sizer. Try this with the guidance of your plastic surgeon to help you in the decision making process.

Are 400cc breast implants a good size

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I can assure you with all certainty that 400cc Breast implant (either low profile, moderate profile, moderate profile plus, or high profile) ARE a good size for SOMEONE. But, without examining you, it is impossible to guess / postulate if one of the LP,MP,MP+, or HP implants would really be a good size for you.

There are a LOT of BAD Breast Augmentation out there. You have doubtlessly seen them. Almost anyone can stuff a large breast implant in a woman without planning and consideration and walk away.

But, to create a beautiful Breast Augmentation, it takes an understanding of the careful balance between the current size of your breast, the amount of soft tissue they can provide to cover an implant, the location of your nipples, the present inequality / asymmetry of your breasts and or chest wall, the stretchiness of your breast breast skin and an aesthetic eye by your Plastic surgeon.

See several Plastic surgeons (check www.PlasticSurgery.org) and see what each has to say. Then choose the one who you connected with the most and who you think fully understand your wishes YET is honest to tell you what would look good and what would not.

Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Multiple procedures

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Performing all those procedures at the same time is ok as long as you are healthy and the surgery does not take too long. A 400 cc implant may be ok for your frame but I couldn't be sure unless I examined you.

Multiple Surgery

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It is very difficult to tell you if this is a good size for you. Implant sizing depends on lots of factors. Some of those include measurements that are taken at your doctors visit. It sounds like you are having a lot of surgery at once. I would want to make sure you are at the weight you plan on being. If you are going to lose weight after your procedures, you may be disappointed later because you may need additional surgery to tighten things up again.

Good luck.

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