Can a 510-540 Smooth Saline Implant Be Inflated to 720cc?

i had my breast augmentaion a week ago. i had old ones removed my origanal implant was suppose to be 400cc. i ordered 510 -540 ccs. my goal was to have bigger implants 100ccs more than i had? when under, my doc removed old , which were not 400ccs but actually, 510 ccs. so basically, my surgeon, took out old? put new ones, supposibly,and gave me the same implants? ugh! my breasts r the same. id card marked filled 2 720ccs.they r not 720, they r the same! why did he do that?w/out my consent!upset!

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Overfilling saline breast implants

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Most surgeons do not keep their offices stocked with breat implants especially the more rarely used larger or smaller sizes. Faced with the situation your surgeon found him/her self in they did not have much choice. If you overfill a saline implant by 50% as you suggest the surgeon sets him/her self up for liability. The manufacturer lists the acceptable fill volumes on the implant's box. If the implant is overfilled it can become hard like a rock and lead to a very unhappy patient. Also dramatic under or over inflation can shorten the life span of the implant leading to earlier implant failure/rupture. The very large implants are associated with a higher rate of later breast surgery. Gravity pulls on these large implants so they cause breast drooping, misalignment of the soft tissues, stretchmarks etc.  In the long run you are better off with the smaller implant.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

540 cc implant overfilled to 720 cc is possible but it may void warranty and lead to peripheral scalloping.

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This is beyond this message board. Clearly there is a disagreement. I find it hard to believe that someone would tell you that they filled to 720 and actually filled to 510. However, your question was can a 540cc implant be filled to 720 cc and the answer is yes but it may void the warranty and lead to scalloping.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Implant revision questions

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One of the factors that makes revision breast surgery toughter is when the patient does not know for sure what their implant size is pre-op from their original surgery. Most plastic surgeons, myself included, make a decision with the patients prior to surgery and then order and bring those implants to the operating room with us. If there is a suprise in the OR as to what your implants really are, we are somethimes hand-cuffed with what we have. I would discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon although you are very early in your post-op recovery. I hope this helps.

Dr Edwards

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