Breast Implants Changed During Surgery - Why?

I'm 5'10 and 145lbs. Wanted 500cc Mod+, but my PS Put Me in 550HP While I Was Under. Why? I went in for 2 consultations before my operation, both times only looking at mod+, I even dropped down a size from 550 Mod+ to 500Mod+. The PS told me I may have to go with 550Mod+ because my breast wall might be too wide for the 500. After the Surgery date on 04/04/11, I looked at my card, and he put me in 550HP, which has an even smaller width than the 500Mod+! Why would he do this? I'm very distressed. I'm worried I won't have any cleavage now. There is a one-inch gap between my breast

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Breast implant change

I am going to disagree with the other surgeons, I think as a surgeon I need to know prior to surgery exactly what implant is to be used, and this is decided with the patient pre-operatively. I let the patient pick the volume, but I choose profile based on the width of the base of her breast. Again, this is decided pre-operatively, and not changed in the operating room.

You should ask your surgeon. There is probably a very simple explanation, and there will probably be no discernible difference in the two you mentioned.

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Plastic Surgeons must determine best breast implant size and type at surgery.

You pay your surgeon for his judgement.  That is part of the contract.  At surgery the surgeons job is to determine what is the best implant for you.   Judgement is a big part of the surgeons job.  The patient may request a ball park size and that is fine, but the surgeon, at the table, must make the final critical judgement.  There is, in fact absolutely no way to be absolutely sure what is the best implant prior to surgery.  At the table many sizers are available and using these or other techniques the final BEST IMPLANT is chosen.  You trust you surgeon with the surgery, you must carry that trust to implant size judgement.  Prior to surgery, I feel it best to never committ to an exact implant.  Patients pay me to study and evaluate the best for each patient.  This is what your surgeon did, he exercised his judgement based on his education and skill to do the best for you.  I am sure you will be fine.  My Best,  Dr Commons

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Beasts and Size

I agree with the comments and answers already provided. Did you ask your surgeon? The anatomy is a factor in the amount of cleavage. I think your results look beautiful.

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Implant change in the operating room

Surgeons usually have a variety of sizes and styles to choose from during surgery. Surgical sizers are utilized during your surgery to determine the appropriate size and style. It seems though you have a very nice result and breasts that are symmetric in position. I would not worry about your cleavage which is determined by a number of factors including chest diameter, degree of pectoralis muscle release, implant diameter, and your breast mound position prior to surgery. The difference in diameterbetween HP and MP+ diameter in the same size is usually less than or equal to only a 1cm. So the distance between your breasts would be minimally affected. 

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your post-op pictures look good.  Cleavage depends on your pre-existing anatomy.  Perhaps this was something to discuss with your plastic surgeon before surgery.  I often address this issue with my patients as I know it is one of the criteria of how they judge the results.  I point out to my patients how far apart their breasts are prior to surgery and I explain to them that when I place the implants they are placed to make the breast look good, not to create a cleavage.  If implants are position close together to give you a nice cleavage, and your breasts are somewhat spread apart, the resulting look will look good in a low cut dress but as soon as you take your clothes off you would be horrified with nipples falling off the sides of your implants.

In a situation such as yours, I tell my patients that I can give them a breast enlargement, a good bra will give them the cleavage.

Hope this helps.


Martin Jugenburg, MD

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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The implant size may need to be modified during the surgery

Your surgeon may have used sizer during the surgery  Please do not focus on the implant size alone . The  cleavage is limited by the pecoralis muscle position and not the implant alone.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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