5'1 & 80 pounds: Am I a candidate for a BBL since I'm underweight? (Photo)

I'm 17, turning 18 on May. Should I do it now or wait until I'm 21 or whenever I stop growing?

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5'1 and 80 lbs for BBL?

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First, since you are only 17 you would need approval from a parent to be seen an evlauated. However, from your height and weight, it does not sound like you would hae enough fat and might be better off with implants if you decide to pursure this. Of course, an exam in person woudl be essential.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Candidate for BBL

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Unfortunately, you are not a candidate because you do not have enough fat to make a difference. Your only option is implants.

Best Regards,

Dr Michael Gartner

5'1 & 80 pounds: Am I a candidate for a BBL since I'm underweight?

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I perform the BBL on thinner women frequently with very good results.   However, at your height and weight it would be unlikely to help.

I also perform buttock implants as well.

I would find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs both very well to achieve your goals.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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