500cc's Removed from Flanks/love Handles and No Results After 5 Weeks. Is This It?

I am 5'6 120 pounds with a BMI of 19. All my fat seemed to go directly to my love handles and flanks so I decided to get smart lipo on them. It has been 5 1/2 weeks now and I see virtually no results. I went to my 1 month consult yesterday and the nurse told me that 500 cc's is alot for my weight and it will take longer to see the results. Is this true or is that a nice way of telling me it's not working?

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Liposuction from flanks

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Usually it takes a 4-6 months to see the final  results from liposuction.  But, at 4-6 weeks you should have a reasonable idea of how things have been doing. There certainly will still be swelling that may mask some of the results. 

No Results Yet Seen From Smartlipo

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At your height and weight, 500ccs would be a good amount from your flanks areas. I would actually expect to see some improvement from the beginning even in the face of swelling and bruising. Most certainly at nearly six weeks after surgery you should at least be in the visible improvement phase, albeit not yet to the final contour result. I would give it a full three months after the procedure and then return to your provider at that point to discuss what your options are if you are still unsatisfied with the result.

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