Post-op 500cc Silicone Gel Implants - What Sort of Bra Should I Be Wearing?

Im 5'10 145 pounds, and was a 34 B and recieved 500cc high profile silicone gel implants, with a crease inscision. Ive heard too many answers on what bra's i should and shouldnt be wearing.. but now that im 16 days past my surgery.. im worried that my breasts may be lacking support or getting too much. for 2 weeks i wore a surgical bra like the doctor instructed, but after the 2 weeks, he had no more instruction. Im lost as to what i should do.

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Bra Support After Breast Augmentation

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We all have different recommendations for post op care, and there are no "rights" or "wrongs". Basically, our results and personal experiences dictate our recommendations. I recommend long term underwire bra support (not push-up, full coverage), to stablize the lower and lateral perimeter of the breast pocket, as the implants are dropping and settling with gravity. I find this minimizes risks for lateral fullness (I prefer a close looking central cleavage), and bottoming out or sagging issues as a result of gravitational forces. Larger implants are heavier, and I worry about sagging in patients who are not regular bra wearers. The need for bra support is also dependent on a patient's inherent tissue tone and ability to support the weight of the implant. 

Three cup size increase with a 500 cc implant

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A 500 cc implant will usually increase your cup size by 3 cup sizes.  This is only an approximate number and cup size will vary between the different manufacturers.  Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource for helping you pick the correct breast implant to match your body.

Finding the Perfect Bra after your Breast Augmentation

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Here are tips we give our patients following their breast augmentation surgery:

-Take time to be fitted for a bra at a reputable store and with a knowledgeable sales person

-Under-wire is OK, however, find one that fits your breasts and one that does not irritate your incisions

-Do not immediately after surgery invest in a drawer full of new bras - wait until you are a few months after your breast surgery as your implants can take up to 3 months to completely settle

-It is a good idea to sleep in with a supportive bra or top (ex. tank top with attached shelf bra ) for at least the first few months following your breast augmentation

-Ask for recommendations from the staff at your plastic surgeon's office - if not from their own experience, they will know what previous patients like and don't like!

No easy answer

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As expected from this question you get a hundred different answers. That's because there is no 'right' answer and no one's method has been shown to be superior to anyone else's. The basic rule is go with what your surgeon wants you to do because he/she has found that gives him/her the best results with their particular technique. Me? I advise a snug (not tight, but supportive), non-underwired sports-type bra (with a front fastener) to be worn day and night for 3 weeks then daytime only for 3 weeks. After 6 weeks, you can wear pretty much any bra you like (as long as it fits and does the job!)

Best of luck

Post-op 500cc Silicone Gel Implants - What Sort of Bra Should I Be Wearing?

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We all have different ideas of what time to start a bra and what type of bra to wear.  At this time away from your surgery, if your incisions are healing well, then it should be ok to start wearing new bras.  I feel that you should get fit properly at a quality store with reputable sales women for your new size and shape.  Best wishes.

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The perfect bra following breast augmentation with implants

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Generally the type of bra depends on what you started with and can vary thourhgout the healing process. In a very small breasted inidividual, little if any support is used early on in order to encourage descent of the implant and expansion of the lower pole. However as time progresses you may require a more supportinve bra, generally without any underwire (if your creases are symmetric) in order to minimize long term sagging, especially at night with lateral displacement of the implants when supine. It is best for your surgeon to advise you in this regard.

Use of support bra after breast augmentation

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Recommendations regarding use of supportive bra of bandeaus after breast augmentation differ depending on surgeon preference. If you have questions about your post operative care you should first contact your operating surgeon. You may benefit for some additional supportive garment use until your breasts assume their final shape and appearance. 

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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