500cc HP Implants on my Frame?

I am 5'10",142 lbs with 13cm BWD. Currently have 421cc silicone under the muscle mod+ profile. Due to rippling in my left breast, my surgeon suggests I switch to 500cc HPs believing the cause is that mod+ can be underfilled. I'm worried 500cc is too big and will not look as natural. Have also heard the bigger the implant, the more likely CC and rippling will occur. I like the 421 size but need to fix CC on the right anyway. Would strattice help the rippling? Would like other opinions.

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Switching 421 cc silicone gel-filled implants for 500 cc's for rippling

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This is a tough situation to advise without an exam and a better idea of what's going on in relation to contracture or rippling. I have not seen a difference in Mentor vs. Allergan smooth round gel implants, but it's possible the fill is different enough to make a difference in some sort of rippling. 

Contracture is a very vague and relative term and there are several potential causes of rippling that might not be solved by an implant manufacturer switch. Dermal matrix graphs like Stratice are very expensive and require a rather large access incision.

I wouldn't think the approx. 75 cc's of volume difference would make you too big but I am also not confident that that alone will solve the problem. 

Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Implant Rippling: Switching Implant Types

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High profile ismooth implants, especially those made by Mentor, tend to ripple the least in my experience compared to other cohesive gel implants.   I have personally exchanged moderate and moderate plus implants to high profile implants and had a nice improvement in palpable and visible rippling.  This is because the Mentor high profile implants are very well filled.   I have also found that he implant manufacturer makes a difference; the Mentor high profile ripples less in my patients than Allergan.    Hope this helps!

Stephen Bresnick, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Rippling occurs because there is inadequate soft tissue coverage over the implant.  "something" is available to provide more coverage that is better. This can be placing the impalnt under the muscle, adding fat, or adding strattice.  I do not think a new implant will improve your problem. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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500cc HP Implants on my Frame

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If you were concerned about the sizing crease there certainly are high profile silicone implants that are close in volume to the current implant.

Strattice may help decrease the chances of rippling and would probably decrease the chance of a recurrent capsular contracture. However it will also substantially increase the cost of your procedure. Your surgeon can help sort out the benefits and whether they are worth the extra cost. The extra cost is less than the cost of still another repeat surgery!

Thanks and best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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