500cc or 450... Do I Need a Lift? How Big Will I Be After 500cc, Originally a B cup?

I am 30 155lbs... Looking to do breast argumentation my doctor suggested 500cc, but every time I tell to someone they always tell me that's HUGE. I am currently a B size. I do think I sag as I had my child at the ge of 15. Please, scared of regrets and dissatisfaction.

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How big after aug

I think you need to get a sample bra equal to the size you wnat to be and let your surgeon know.500 is is a big implant.I usually make the pocket and then see what size impalnt the pocket can accomodate.

Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Selection Process

In order to make an accurate size recommendation, I would need to assess your chest wall and breast mound measurements and characteristics.  Unfortunately, there is not a general rule of thumb or objective criteria to implant selection.
Your plastic surgeon will perform several measurements of your chest wall and breast anatomy and determine a range of implants that both fit your chest wall and reach your desired goals.
The next step is to try on this range of implants in the office with your doctor.   The key to this success is showing your surgeon the body proportion you desire with a bra sizer and allowing your surgeon to guide you to the right implant.   It will be much easier to communicate in implant cc's than cup size when determining the appropriate implant for you.
I wish you a safe recovery and fantastic result.
Dr. Gill

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Smaller implants required with simultaneous lift

Unfortunately, you did not provide us with any photographs so it is impossible to tell the shape of your breasts.  However, the goal of breast surgery is to have beautiful breasts.  Beautiful breasts are based on multiple factors, the least important is volume.  More important is position on the chest wall, shape, symmetry, areola position and size.  If you are sagging I recommedn surgery through a circumareola incision.  Through this incision your breast issue can be elevated, areola reduced and implants placed.  There is a new procedure called Breast Augmentation with Mini Ultimate Breast Lift and you may be a candidate.  In my experience, I recommend the smallest implant (silicone) possible positioned retro-pectorally high on the chest wall.  Aligning the implant, areola and breast tissue high on the chest wall will give the appearance of large breasts without the disafvantages of oversized implants, which will lead to complications.  I have never used an implant as big as 450 to 500 cc on primary breast augmentation.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
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Use of large implants

It is not possible to determine if a 500 cc implant is appropriate for your with the information that you have included.  In order to determine correct breast implant size it would be important to know if you have any breast sagging and the base width of your breast.  A large implant on a women with a wide breast base diameter in the 14 cm range may do well with a large implant provided that there is minimal breast sagging.   If your nipples fall below the inframammary crease then the use of large implants may look good for a short period of time but after a few years the breast tissue would definitely stretch out.    Photos would be useful in helping give you more useful information

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Implant choice

If your surgeons suggested a volume based upon your exam then a good way for you to check is to do a baggy test with the volume. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Best size implant depends on your measurements, tissues and implant type

Thank you for your question.  Generally, most surgeons would agree that 500cc is fairly large.  However, the most important factor is the width of your breast.  If you have a very wide breast and you have a wider body frame, it is possible that 500cc is the right size for you.  Did your plastic surgeon measure your breast width?  Secondly, what type of implant are you having?  Most likely 500cc saline would be too big but is possible that 500cc silicone is OK for you.  I am concerned that you mentioned sagging.  Is a large implant suggested to compensate for sagging?  If so, this should not be done without you understanding the consequences.  Overly large implants have long term negative effects, such as exaggerated sagging, thinning of tissues, etc.  I will tell you that in my practice I rarely use a 500cc implant.  We focus on using the appropriate size implant that will fit the patient's breast width, is in proportion to her body frame, hips and height and that will minimize tissue damage.  Hope this helps. 

Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD, MS

Tracy Pfeifer, MD
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Breast size

Mentor has developed a set of devices which can be used to mimic the size you choose. These can be placed in a bra or held over the native breast to give you a good impression of what you should expect to look like with a chosen implant size. These are available in our office.

Timothy Fee, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon
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Sizing for Breast Augmentation: photos, height, weight, breast base width diameter and breast dimensions would help.

Thank you for your question. Photos, height, weight, breast base width diameter and breast dimensions would help.  A consult and physical exam with measurements is crucial.

Getting sized for breast implants is much more involved than it seems at first thought. It requires a full consultation with detailed questions to see exactly what your goals are, short and long term. It also requires precise measurements of your current breast dimensions, the dimensions of your chest wall, as well as preoperative photography, standard or 3D imaging.

To see what the best options are for you, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.

I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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All patients should choose their own size of breast implants with guidance from their plastic surgeon

Every patient I see for breast augmentation is carefully consulted and given the opportunity to choose their breast implant size. I have never told a patient what size they should be. I have a very stretchy bra that I put them in and place different sized implants into their bra. I take them quickly through progressively larger sizes until they decided that the implant is too big. Then we work down to the size that they like. This is only done after the breast has been measured including the base diameter. If the patients breast base diameter is smaller than the base diameter of the implant then I tell them that is not a good choice. My patients often come back several times to try on the implants but will hardly ever change their choice. I have almost no requests for size change at a later date. 

A 500 cc implant might be really big on one woman and just right on an other. You would only need a lift if your breast had sagged and your nipple was below your inframamary crease. 

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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In our practice we tell our patients that 225 cc equal about one cup size and if you’re a B now you are looking to be a nice D cup. Breast size has a lot of different variable that without a picture or exam it’s hard to give exact advice.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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