500 Vial of Dysport? How Long Til it Wears Off?

I hope I find an answer for my nightmare I sent my qui before about dysbort ihad it in Dubai it was very bad I look like evail i look scary am going throw bad time the dr in real self told me that dysport dosnt come in 500. Units vial but it does in Europe and midel east the clinic told me that the used .6cc and the mix the 500 vial with 4ml solation the dr didn't tell me how many unites she used she ingected me between the eye brow and above my right and left eyebrows plz how long 2 wear of

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500 units per vial is the standard dose in the UK. 

The number of units is approximately 3.5 to every Allergan botox unit.

I tend to use 50-80 units in the glabella, 25-35 across the forehead and 15-30 around the eyes.

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How long does Dysport last

Since we are U.S. and Canadian physicians, we can only answer in terms of what happens in these countries. So, Dysport generally lasts 3-6 months to entirely wear off. So, if you had true Dysport, it should wear off over that time frame. 

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