Is 500 to 600 Cc's for Bbl Worth the Pain and Cost?

knowing that 30% of the harvest fat would not survived would getting only 500-600 ccs of fat give the desire look of small waist and nice plump booty? or should it be at least 1000cc's and up?

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Is 500cc BBL worth it?

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It depends. How big is your frame and how big a butt do you want? Remember...for many girls the liposuction and reshaping of the lower back to a more pleasing "S" curve makes your butt look bigger (even before any fat is transferred.) Add the 500cc to that and you can really make a significant change...especially in petite girls.


If you upload a photo I can give you  a more specific answer...

hope this helps.


Dr. Michael in Miami

How much fat should be transferred in Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Thank you for your question.  The truth is, it depends on a variety of factors.  Without a picture it is tough to tell where you are starting.  Without your height and weight it is impossible to judge your frame size.  A petite woman can have a pretty dramatic change with 500-600 ccs.  It would also create a noticeable increase if your buttocks are currently very flat. Please see this link showing a patient with a very nice result from 600 cc of fat.  Talk to your surgeon about your desires.  He or she should be able to tell you if your results are attainable with that amount of fat.

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