50 Units of Botox and No Results

i have had botox for may times with perfect results. this time no results at all. this was from a very reputable plastic surgeon in florida who i have have know for 12 years. I told him on day three, no results, took photograph and 7 days same thing-no results. he offered me 1 cc to to redo it... is this standard?

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Botox didn't work second time around

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I would agree with Dr. Shelton's response. In 1 cc you can have 100 units or 10 units depending on how it is prepared.

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Botox repeat

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There is not enough information to answer. How may units are in the 1 cc? In which areas did you have the 50 units? If there is no effect after a two weeks either you just need more units or the same needs to be repeated.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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