50% TCA/Jessner's Chemical Peel?

Is a 50% TCA/Jessner's chemical peel considered a medium or deep level peel? I had one done by an ENT (Board certified in Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgeryand continued to refine his expertise with a dual fellowship in Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive as well as Craniofacial Surgery) and experienced bad complications. I'm wanted your opinion if this is a % that is too high for a 35 year old patient and carries too many risks to be used by someone who is not a dermatolgist. Thanks!!

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50% TCA is a strong peel requiring experience and training to do it safely.

Even if you doctor has lots of experience in other areas, It does not mean he/she is an expert in chemical peels.  Seek consultation from a specialist who has done 100's of peels, knows how to perform the procedure and knows how to instruct you in proper post operative care as you heal.  A dermatologist with extensive peeling experience is the best. 

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