I Did a 50% Peel on my Chest It Started to Scab and Now Its Bubbling is That Normal?

Its been exactly a week now, I dont know what to do or if it will go away, it looks as if Ive been burned in a fire. does anybody know how long it will take to heal? I also did 12% on my face and nothing happened I want to go stronger but if thats what it does to my chest Im a bit afraid. how long do I have to wait before I do another peel on my face (if any)

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Chemical peel to the chest

I never use a 50% TCA peel below the neck.  Blood supply varies from patient and as a result the final outcome is not consistent.  It sounds like you have given yourself a very deep burn.  I would seek out  a plastic surgeon in your area and be evaluated.  I would not repeat this without the supervision of a trained professional.

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I Did a 50% Peel on my Chest It Started to Scab and Now Its Bubbling is That Normal?

Self treatment leads to problems and thus you need medical attention. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

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Probably not the best idea to treat yourself

While chemical peels seem easy, it probably was not the best idea to try to treat yourself.  You did not specify what agent that you used.  I would hope that you did not use 50% TCA on your chest.  The chest is a very risky area to peel in the first place.  It does not heal as well as other areas.  I would go see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon asap so that you can get advice on how to prevent scarring and such. 

Brent Spencer, MD
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TCA peel

DO NOT TREAT YOURSELF, SEEK MEDICAL ADVISE ASAP................................................................

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