I Am 50 and Fair Skinned, Could Chemical Peel Improve my Old Looking Hands?

I am 50 and fair skinned. Do you think a chemical peel could improve my old looking hands? I moiturize & exfoliate regularly..

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Treatment For Aged Hands

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If your concerned about texture or brown spots, I would recommend a chemical peel or a few Fraxel re:store treatments. For continued maintenance care, I woud use a moisturizer with a alpha hydroxy acid. If  you are more concerned with volume loss, a filler like Radiesse would work quite well. 

Peels for old hands

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If dark spots are making your hands look old then a peel might be just what the doctor orders. My nurses always have their hands out when I am about to put my TCA away. A more agressive treatment for more sun damage would be laser treatment. If you don't like the veins and loss of volume then Radiesse is a fast easy fix. Just make sure to consult with someone with experience in this. 

Chemical Peels for Hands

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I really depends on what's making them "old looking" to you. If it's discoloration, brown spots, and general aging, then it can help a bit. However, I usually recommend IPL or Photofacial in this case because those treatments are much more effective and offer longer-term results. If it's veins and loss of fullness, then a chemical peel won't help; that would be sclerotherapy injections or filler. I would suggest you see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for evaluation. And if you do decide to do a chemical peel, make sure you do it at a physician's office - I've seen a lot of bad reactions from bad chemical peels over the years from untrained users.

Chemical peels and laser treatments can rejuvenate off face areas

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Chemical peels can help rejuvenate the skin of the hands. I have been happier with the new Fraxel Thulium (1927nm) laser for treating discoloration/sun spots of face, chest, arms and hands. Several treatments may be needed and sun protection is very important to avoid recurrence of the spots.

Doris Day, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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