I Am 5'0, 125 Pounds is 440 in One Breast & 480 in Another Too Big for my Petite Frame?

Met w/a surgeon today. I am 5'0, 125 pounds, chest width 34, hips 36.5, waist 30. Told him I liked the 400-450 implants after trying them on. At first he thought that would be too big for me. Then he changed his mind & recommended 440 in one & 480 in another due to one breast being larger than the other with a high profile implant (saline). Do you think I will look to big on a petite frame...should I go smaller?

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Selecting the appropriate breast implant size based on body configuration

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You question regarding the appropriateness of implant size given your body's configuration is an extremely common one that is asked online and one that can't be answered definitively for a variety of reasons. Despite the measurements that you provided, there are other factors and considerations in selecting the appropriate implant for you. A consultation with one or more additional board certified plastic surgeons may better help resolve your concern. You also did not mention what your goals in terms of appearance and cup size were.

Given that, however, it is somewhat likely that the sizes that you have mentioned may be too large for your body particularly if you are not looking for a very unnatural look and don't want to deal with signficant long term consequences related to the disproportionate size. There will be a relentless stretching and thinning of your skin over time that will impact your long term results.

Size alone also is not the only important consideration. The configuration of the implant such as high versus moderate profile iscritical in obtaining a better result. You also should strongly consider silicone breast implants as these generally will provide you a far better result as compared to saline ones.

Implants for petite frame

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Those sizes are fairly large for your frame, however depending on your desires may work for you. The consequences of larger implants would be tissue thinning, implant palpability, stretching and sagging bottoming outr and others. 

Might be large for your stature

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There is a great deal of subjectivity to the desirable sizing of breast implants in augmentation mammoplasty.  One good rule of thumb is to choose implant dimensions not to exceed the base width of your natural breasts.  This will prevent your augmented outer edge of the breast from bulging outward toward the inner aspect of your arm. I would recommend you review with your surgeon the implant footprint dimensions against your breast base dimensions so that the breast base width is not exceeded.    

That size is not too big

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It is all dependant on how many cc's of breast tissue you have currently as to what size you will end up with.  There are regional differences as to what size is average.  In Southern California, the average implant size is probably between 400 and 450 (Mine is 439 for 2000 breast augs).  Also the most important part is what size you want to be.  You need to come in to a board certified plastic surgeon for a history and physical exam to make sure of what you wish with what can be done.  But honestly, I think you are picking a good size for your frame, and one that is proportional.

Dan Mills

Dan Mills, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Picking Implant Size

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Might be to big . Being 5' 125 lb, 440 /480 sounds abit much. Remember every breast is different and a different volume between the two is always possible. As for high profile vs moderate plus profile , it depends on the look you want. High profile will project more while the moderate plus will be fuller. It is important to measure the breast width correlate it with implants available. You can also use a sizer in the office with a bra to get a guess of what the volume will look like in your close. This is not exact but will give you some idea . Good Luck.

Paul Albear, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Breast implants on a small frame

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While you "saw" what you might get with using sizers, these would be very large implants on your tiny frame.  There are more risks and potential complications with the large implants and you might be happier with the feelign of silicone gel also.  Only the doctor who examined you can really help you with this but it does sound pretty large.

Too big for your frame

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Pictures would have been helpful. The saline implant should be over filled and the final size of the filled implants will be 30 cc larger. Big implants will cause over stretching,sagging and thinning of the breast tissues.

No you will like them.

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No if you like the 400-450 sizes when trying them on you will be fine with 440 in one and 480 in the other.  I usually use midrange or moderate plus profiles in saline rather than high profile, to avoid a torpedo look.  I'm not convinced you are at risk for more problems in the future with this size.  The average in my practice is 400 cc and I have plenty of petite women with larger implants than this.  They don't seem to come back to have them reduced.  If  you are leaning toward a larger size, go with it.  Otherwise you may be paying later for a second operation. 

440cc and 480cc too big for 5 feet tall petite frame

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Yes.  You might be happy in the short term but long term you may wish you had gone much smaller with a more proportional appearance.  Be prepared for revision surgery in the future if you go that large. 

Louise Ferland, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

450+cc Implant In Petite Patient

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It sounds as if 440cc and 480cc implants would be quite large for your frame.  The key is too avoid implants which are larger in diameter than your measured breast width.  Implants which are larger than your breast width are likely to appear "fake" and are also accompanied by an increase in other problems (bottoming out, capsular contracture, etc.).

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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