5 Wks Post Op TT and my Incision is Splitting a Bit, Should I Worry? (photo)

My incision is splitting a centimeter or so, it has a whitish substance underneath with minimal drainage and blood. It is slightly red around the hole. Is this something I should worry about right away and go to the ER or can I wait a week to see my PS at my 6 week check up. Also will the hole get bigger?

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Drainage and bleeding after tummy tuck

I agree that the appropriate place for treatment would not be an emergency room but rather that you should see your plastic surgeon. Redness, drainage and bleeding are certainly good reasons to see your doctor as soon as feasible rather than waiting for your scheduled followup visit.

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Without seeing you it is very hard to give you good advice. It is not something that you need to go to the ER for. You could wait to see your PS. Make sure there is no fever or drainage. Keep the area clean and protected.


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Incision opening?

I agree with the other respondents, would  not recommend an ER visit and would follow up with your PS ASAP to show him. Good luck

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Spitting incision after Tummy Tuck requires visit to your plastic surgeon

Thank you for your question and photograph. The opening in your Tummy Tuck incisionmay have been caused by a suture spit. Fortunately the skin around this area looks like it has good blood supply which will promote healing.

However you should see your plastic surgeon as specific wound care treatments may be required

Small Wound Separation after Tummy Tuck

   Small wound separations after tummy tuck are fairly common.  They usually heal uneventfully.  Any concerns of infection should always be addressed.

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Post op

these small openings are usually caused by sutures that are healing and absorbing and coming to the surface.

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Wound separation 5 weeks after a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

Superficial wound openings are common, even at 5 weeks.  If there is no fever, only scant drainage, and no spreading redness you can wait another week to see your surgeon, but I am sure the surgeon would appreciate a call so he/she can reassure you.

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Split Incision after Tummy Tuck

While this is not an emergency, it would be better to call you surgeons office (and perhaps email the picture also).

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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Incision is Splitting

This is not a catastrophe, but you should see your surgeon. Usually when this occurs there is a suture at the base which needs to be removed in order to heal normally. This does not merit an ER visit, but perhaps an earlier visit to the surgeon.

Thanks, best wishes. 

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