5 Weeks Post Op Submental Liposuction and Sliding Genioplasty, my Face Still Looks Odd? (photo)

5 weeks ago, I had a sliding genioplasty to correct a receded chin resulting from a bad chin contouring surgery that I had six months earlier, which had also given me a double chin. During the sliding genioplasty which my surgeon says helped advanced my chin by around 5 to 6mm, was combined with a submental liposuction to get rid of the sagging skin underneath the chin. At 5 weeks post op, I already feel my chin looks odd and that it should have been advanced more.? See pictures attached.

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More Genioplasty Horizontal Movement

While there is aesthetic room for more horizontal chin projection, the decision to do so is a personal one.What you are seeing now at 5 weeks afte surgery is the most horizontal chin projection that you will see. Another 3 to 5mms can still be done in the next month or two before the boine heals.

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