5 Days Post Op, Normal?

My areolas look blistered (shiny and puffy) and still very square shaped at 5 days post op from lift and implants. Is this normal?

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Normal postop course

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Swelling and shiny skin can occur shortly after breast surgery. However, if you have any serious concerns, please call your plastic surgeon for a follow up appointment sooner than later just in case any additional treatment is required.

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Shining and puffy areolas 5 days post op

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Swelling is expected after any surgery and the shining and puffy areolas are due to the swelling. Please keep your scheduled appointment with your surgeon regarding all else.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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5 Days Post O

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Shiny and puffy sounds normal, blistered does not, and if actual blisters are present, a call to your surgeon is in order. The blisters could be a reaction to the steristrips or the sutures, but they could also be a marker of not having enough blood flow to the areolae and nipples, and this possibility does have some urgency.

As far as shape, there is a lot of healing and wound remodelling that will occur, so it is very early to have a just concern. But without a photo, I cannot be sure how far from the expected contour the current shape is. Consider posting a photo, and you will get more useful suggestions.

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Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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