I continue to have draining and swelling 4 weeks after surgery and hematoma, should I be concerned? (photos)

I had a large hematoma that liquified and drained through right drain for additional week. Drain was removed , but I still had slight drainage through open hole. Drainage has stopped but now my right side is very swollen , firm and tender .

Almost 4weeks out ! I don't think this is normal !

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Draining and swelling following body lift

Hematomas can occur following a body lift.  It sounds as if the hematoma has been drained and this should help  your recovery.  At just 4 weeks following your surgery, it is still quiet early in the healing process and it may take several more weeks for the swelling and tenderness to resolve.  If you are concerned, let your surgeon know and check back with him/her.   Once they examine your incision, they may be able to suggest further options to help speed the process.  Best wishes.

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Hematoma after body lift

Make sure to see your plastic surgeon - this may or may not require some type of treatment to prevent fluid collections and infection.

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