Im 48yrs Old and Perimenopausal. Can This Put Me into Menopause Because Its a Shock to my System?

im average build and in shape. i am only doing my lower abdomen in 2 parts.

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CoolSculpting and Menopause

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Sherylf, menopause does not come about because of a shock to the system of any type. I would not want you to be concerned that CoolSculpting would push you into menopause.

If you are concerned about the effects of menopause on your health, there are specialists in functional medicine who can help you out in this regard.


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CoolSculpting has a high safety profile for fat reduction

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There have not been cases of "shock" from CoolSculpting of which I am aware.  Post and premenopausal women can derive good results from Zeltiq's fat reduction treatment.

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