I Have 465 in my Left Breast and 450 in the Right I'm 3 Weeks POst Op and the Left Breast is Way Smaller, Why?

I Have 465 in my Left Breast and 450 in the Right I'm 3 Weeks Post Op and the Left Breast is Way Smaller, Why?

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Breast Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, without direct examination or viewing pictures it is not possible to give you accurate advice. Causes of postoperative breast asymmetry range from existing breast asymmetry that you are noticing for the first time,  differential breast implant “settling” that may give the  impression that one breast is larger than the other,  differential swelling between the breasts, or a complication ( such as hematoma)  that may cause one breast to appear larger than the other.

I would suggest that you continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon for better diagnosis, as well as to express your questions and concerns.

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Breast asymmetry after augmentation

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I suspect there was an asymmetry before surgery which is why your surgeon used two different sized implants.  Most women have some degree of asymmetry with respect to size, shape, position of the nipple or position of the fold under the breast. Some asymmetry may be present at 3 weeks after surgery as well.  It is difficult to say accurately with out seeing you or a picture.  I would stay in touch with your plastic surgeon.

Thank you for the question.

Ralph R. Garramone, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Breast asymmetry

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Breast asymmetry  is common even with placing different implants.  At three weeks out it is difficult to say why one is larger than the other. First, it is difficult to say why you have this problem without examining you. If the two breasts were clue before surgery, then perhaps you have more swelling or even a hematoma in the one that is larger. You should touch base with your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Reason for Breast ASYMMETRY After Breast Augmentation

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Breast ASYMMETRY is the rule NOT the exception. It is a rare woman who has identical, mirror image breasts. Except in cases of very large differences between the breasts, most women are unaware of their asymmetry. If Plastic surgeons do not point such asymmetry to you, placing the same volume breast implants in asymmetric breasts always results in - asymmetric larger breasts resulting in more APPARENT asymmetry and angry women. 

In your case 15 cc volume difference should NOT result in a huge asymmetry. I would therefore guess you EITHER had an undiscussed / unrecognized preoperative asymmetry OR, worse yet, that you may have suffered a surgical complication with either bleeding or fluid collection into one breast accounting for the large visual difference.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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