46 and Hyperopia/Astigmatism Probably Going to Mexico or India?

Unless I can get someone to treat me in the USA (fat chance!) I've been told "what's wrong" with my eyes my entire life. Why I'm not qualified for this or for that...you know what, how bout Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz or the MEL 80 or something else to just plain fix my eyes! For a lot cheaper than it would be in USA! Is it the FDA's fault you guys can't treat people like me? Or is the fault yours? OS +5.25 -2.00 154 OD +6.50 -2.00 025

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Not a good canditate for laser

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People are not treating you because it is not a good idea. The combination of your age and your prescription make you less than an ideal candidate for laser vision correction. There may be other factors such as the shape and thickness of your cornea which also conrtibute. This does not mean you are without options. Your vision could be corrected with a non-laser surgery called clear lens extraction. Speak to a refractive surgeon about this option.

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