Will Breasts Drop by 1.5 Inches?

450ccs Silicone Submusc. Riding High. Is It Reasonable for Them to Drop 1.5 Inches? I just got them today and know there is an adjustment phase, however I hope my nipple will become more central and be fuller on the bottom half than currently. I am 5 7",120lbs with a broard shoulders and 31 inch ribcage. I was not sent home with a compression bra, only dressing. So I have wrapped the upper pole with a tensor bandage to push them down. I am massaging to try to work the fascia btw the cleavage to get them closer together also (rmt by trade). Is there anything else you suggest?

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Breast Implant Dropping into the pocket

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Thank you for the question.
Yes,  I have seen implants “drop” for up to 12 months (or more)  after breast augmentation surgery.  I asked my patients to “pull up on the skin and push down on the implant”  on the side that is slower to settle.  Although it is controversial I think that implant massage and displacement exercises are helpful in keeping the  breasts soft in general.
Continue to follow up your plastic surgeon and follow his/her recommendations.
I hope this helps.

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