4.5 Months Post TT with Worsening Swelling. What Are My Options?

Any advice?? I am 47 yr old woman 4.5 months out from TT and still have continued and worsening swelling. Lower ab swelling is non stop, rather hard, worse at night but never diminished. Upper ab swelling diminishes over night and increases with activity or lack of binder. Still have to wear binder during the day, but not at night, it does help keep upper ab swelling minimized. Soooo frustrated.....any suggestions?? P.s. I weigh in daily, have not gained any weight (down 10 lbs)

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Continued Swelling after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

I'm sorry to hear about the frustrating experience with swelling.

Assuming you have followed up with your plastic surgeon and have ruled out complications ( for example seroma)  causing the ongoing swelling,  then there is not much to do at this point but wait.  I have had a few patients who have had long-term swelling after tummy tuck surgery; all have gone on to resolve over the course of time. Of course, it may take several more months before you see this happen.  I believe that this is the time required for the lymphatic and venous channels to return to function and appropriately drain  the abdominal wall.

Again, I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon who is in the best position to rule out complications and advise you.

I hope this helps.



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