4.5 Months After Tummy Tuck & Still in a Lot of Pain?

2 mos after tt started physio & finally straight around 4 mos but still in a lot of pain. From ribs down to groin & in hip flexors hurt, everything from general overall pain to "prickling" & occassionally stabbing pain. This also causing back pain. Have to concentrate to stay straight & feel my front side still wants to "curl up". I walk slow & tire quickly. PS says to expose skin to more rough things (since sensitive) but this makes pain worse. PS says incision fine & can find nothing wrong.

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Still healing

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I know it can be frustrating, but your body may just be healing a little more slowly. I agree that normally you should be back to baseline, but there may be extenuating circumstances. You stated your incision looks fine and that your PS can't find anything wrong. The strange prickling and shooting pains should begin to resolve. I think the more that you do and there more you can stretch the muscle will be helpful. Best of Luck!

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