I Am 45 and About to Be in a Full Set of Braces. Why Do I Need 3 Teeth Pulled?

Why do I need 3 bicupis teeth on the left side pulled first before I get a full set of braces? The ortho said this was a difficult case Why?

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Why Do I Need 3 Teeth Pulled?

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Usually if a patient needs teeth pulled it's because of on  of the following reasons: protrusion of teeth, crowding of teeth, the bite is not correct and does not fit correctly.  Sometimes the teeth are not that crowded but extractions are still necessary to correct the bite. I would ask your DR to review the reasons to you and see if it makes sense to you. 


San Diego Orthodontist

Reasons for the extraction of permanent teeth

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Generally speaking there are 3 main reasons why your teeth need to be pulled:

  • Crowding - There isn't enough space for your teeth
  • Protrusion - Your teeth are positioned far forward
  • Proclination - Your teeth are flared far forward

Also some other reasons your orthodontist might opt to remove teeth:

  • Midlines - Positioning your two central incisors on the top and bottom in the center of your smile. 
  • Occlusion - Sometimes space is needed from extractions to move your teeth to fit together how they should.

I am guessing the last two are among the deciding factors in your treatment plan. Always ask your orthodontist to make the case for extractions. They should always be keeping your facial aesthetics in mind, so make sure the extractions won't have a negative impact on your face.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

I cannot and would not make specific recommenadations without personally examining your dentition, bite, jaws etc.

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..from both a dynamic and static perspective. Offering specific reccomendations without a first hand

evaluation is fliritng with malpractice. So, please make an exmination appointment with a certified Orthodontist, or get a second opinion if you did not receive a sufficient reply or understaning from whatever Ortho suggested the extractions.

Randy M. Feldman, DDS
Tampa Orthodontist

Why Three teeth pulled, not enough information

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We are going to need a bit more information to give you a good answer.  Could you take some close up pictures of your teeth, front view biting together, upper arch open wide , lower arch open wide, side view of each side biting together.  Also front view of face smile and profile view of face smile or lips together .  If you can put those with your question maybe we can get you some better information.

Clark L. Jones, DDS, MSD
Phoenix Orthodontist

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