I Am 44 Years Old and Interesting in Facial Fillers, for Jaw and Nasolabials Lines, Options?

I am confuse, I habe been already in three places and everybody tellme something different. The first place was a plastic surgeon and he told me, he was going to apply me Restylane. the second place was a dermatology and they suggest Radyesse. The 3rd place suggest Radyesse in the nasolabial and Juvederm in the jaw lines, I ask why not Radyesse in the jaw lines and they told me Radyesse is to heavy for jaw lines. I am confuse, what I should do?

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Choosing an injectable filler

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There are a number of injectable fillers available. Each has its own specific characteristics. The best filler for a given area depends on the patient's condition and the doctor's personal experience. There is no one answer or one size fits all. Different doctors will have slightly different approaches that can give equivalently good results.

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