I am 43, have slight jowels, neck laxness, acne, neck hypopigmentation? (photo)

How do I treat these, in which order - what are costs? I'm having breakthrough acne on differin, finacia, and metronidazole. I was dxed with rosacea and tho I get red patches around the neck hypopigmentation, it's more broken caps. I've been told the hypo is postinflammatory acne but I don't get this much acne at once. My jowel's lost definition, my neck is slightly loose from 10-15 pd weight loss from a GI disorder. My concerns w/surgery are that I have unstable weight from GI + I have EDS, hypermobility subtype, but my scarring is white, not wide.

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Loose facial skin and hypopigmentation

Your photos suggest that a lower face and neck lift will improve the loose skin.

Ideally your weight should be stable within 5 pounds, if possible.

The hypopigmentation requires control of the acne.

Topical treatment helps; a TCA or light phenol/croton oil peel may help as well.

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