I had 421cc under muscle on 10-10-13. I'm a mail carrier. When do you think it's ok to go back to work?

I was in pain for over a week. I really use my arms in my job. I case mail. I drive in the drivers seat and put mail in boxes out the passenger window. I lift things over ten pound regularly. My PS thinks it's ok to return after two and a half weeks.

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Returning to work after an augmentation

is routine at 3 weeks in my practice. But if the job is really strenuous, some stipulations may be placed to protect the healing a little longer. If your surgeon says its okay, then get the written release and return to work. If you're having issues with your healing, your surgeon would also be the person to extend your recovery.

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Recovery time after breast implant surgery

Everyone is different when we talk about recovery time after implant surgery. You need to listen to your body and only perform tasks that are not painful.

Generally speaking, there is no lifting over 15 pounds the first week and 30 pounds the second week. Vigorous physical activity will need to be restricted for 4 weeks, which might include your job! Talk with your boss and your plastic surgeon to best plan your return to work.

David Finkle, MD
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Letter carrier needs more time to seal

I think that the amount of physical work you are doing as a postal worker will inhibit your recovery if you do not move your full activity date to about six weeks from surgery. That is not to say that you cannot return to work, but be careful with bending, stooping, squatting, lifting, climbing, pushing, and pulling.

John Cassel, MD (in memoriam)
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When to go back to work after a breast augmentation

I would have told you the same thing as your surgeon did. We worry about bleeding after surgery for approximately 2 weeks. Believe it or not it happens more frequently the second week than the first. I believe this is because your body starts to break down small clots in your blood vessels at that point and patients typically feel better and start becoming more active. You will not be completely healed for typically 6-8 weeks at which point you can resume more strenuous activity. If you are cautious and deliberate with your movements then you should be fine to deliver mail in 2 1//2 weeks. You may be more sore and tired than usual but that is to be expected and does go away. Good luck!

Tiffany McCormack, MD
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Time off Work post breast augmentation

Each surgeon has their own guidelines. Your surgeon understands the scope of the surgery and specifics about you so he or she is in the best position to guide you. Your surgeon seems to have faith that you will recover very quickly.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Back to work

I have many patients return to a desk job in 6-7 days. Based upon your description 2.5 weeks sounds reasonable.

When can I return to work after breast augmentation

After a breast augmentation, I typically allow patients to return to most of their regular activity at 4 weeks. Most patients can return to a desk job at about 4-5 days. If your surgeon released you to return to your job, knowing that you lift over 10lbs regularly, after 2.5 weeks, then give it a shot. Just use common sense and listen to your body. If something hurts, don't do it. Don't push yourself to do more than your body can take while it's healing. If you don't think you are ready, ask your surgeon to write a letter limiting your work activity and perhaps they can place you at a less strenuous position for another week or so or work half days so you can increase your stamina. ac

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I tell patients it depends on the amount of use and weight involved at work. Your PS is the best person to ask as they know what they did in your particular case.


Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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I had 421cc under muscle on 10-10-13. I'm a mail carrier. When do you think it's ok to go back to work?

Always best to follow your operative surgeon's advise. we, the expert posters really do not know you or your medical/surgical history. So any recommendations from us should be verified with your surgeon.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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How long to rest after breast augmentation

The chances of developing a breast capsule is much higher if you are physically active in the first two months after surgery. You have to try and imagine there is a network of tissue and blood vessels which form around the implant. This tissue is fragile and may tear with strenuous use of the pectoralis muscle. When it tears there maybe a little bleeding. Where blood collects is where scar may form. I do not allow my patients to do anything for two weeks. Then they may resume light duties. No lifting more than 8 lbs. no large range of motion with their shoulders for at least two months. If they do strenuous activities such as surfing, weight lifting, yoga then they must wait at least 6 months. By adhering to these restrictions I see far less capsule contractures.

Benjamin Chu, MD, FACS
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