I Am 42 Yrs Old, 5'6" Tall and 103 Lbs. I Am in Need of Stomach Repair After 3 Pregnancies

and 3 c-sections. I have little fat, but have stretched skin around my belly button, and some loose skin on the lower part of my stomach. I have had 2 consultations am confused about what course of action to take. The first doctor indicated that I didnt have "enough" skin to do a tuck and suggested some lipo around the belly button and possibly a creative removal of skin around the belly button to enhance appearance. The 2nd doctor recommended full tuck-I am now concerned about safety and result

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Tummy Tuck vs. Umbilical Skin Excision + Lipo

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Thanks for your question -

Most commonly your situation would call for a full abdominoplasty. Taking skin from around the umbilicus as a method for skin reduction is challenging because you can only take a very limited amount of skin from the abdomen using this technique.

I hope this helps.

3 Pregnancies..

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I would prefer to see pictures prior to answering your question.  In general, with patients with your history, abdominoplasty surgery tends to achieve the best results.  "Creative skin excision around the belly button" tens to result in sub-optimal results. Be careful with your plastic surgeon selection.

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