I Have 410cc Now and I Want to Go for 700 to 800cc. is This a Bad Idea? (photo)

i was naturally a C or D-cup, and i now have 410cc making me an E. they look way to natural and small for my taste and I want to go bigger, I'm thinking 750cc to achieve a more "fake" look. I now have my implants over the muscle but i think I want to go for under the muscle because I'm under the impression that this gives more of a "push-up" look. is it safe to put large implants under the muscle? Will this make my breasts sag very quickly? I am 5,8 feet tall and a weigh about 130 pounds.

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Breast Implant Exchange for Larger Implants

It appears to achieve the breast size result you are after that the size range of 700+ from 410cc would be what is needed based on volumetric change. (70%) In general, at least a 50% volume change is needed in most patients to see a real substantial change. With today's higher profile implants with a more narrow base, the lateral displacement with large breast implants is not as significant as it once was. Exchanging and going under the muscle will provide more upper pole fullness. The real question is whether such large implants for your body frame may be worth the long-term consequences, given the good result that you now have. That issue is what makes your breast implant exchange a good or bad idea.

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I Have 410cc Now and I Want to Go for 700 to 800cc. is This a Bad Idea?

     Implants of 700 cc or 800 cc will usually create more long term issues for the patient such as tissue thinning, rippling, and increased droop.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Re-augmentation with Larger Breast Implants a Good Idea?

Using larger breast implants is not necessarily a “bad idea”. However, the first priority should be safety and avoidance of complications. Whether or not you will be able to safely increase breast size, will depend largely on physical examination. Factors such as breast skin elasticity/pliability will need to be evaluated.  You may find the attached link helpful to you as you learn more about the use of larger breast implants.

 Best wishes.

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I Have 410cc Now and I Want to Go for 700 to 800cc. is This a Bad Ide

Using a very large implant is not the norm. You must be realistic to exactly what you desire to achieve. 

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Increasing implant size

I think you have a nice result that is well-proportioned.  Going to a very large implant that you described may cause long term problems.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Not a good idea

You have a good result and going bigger will cause problems like thinning, bottoming out and sagging down the road. You will find a surgeon to do your enlargement ,but you will have problems later.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Going larger

700-800 cc implants are very large.  I personally do not think that your chest dimensions can support such large implants unless you like a look where they bulge out under your arms.  There is a much higher risk of complications as well as sagging when you go that large.  Let me also add that the asymmetry in the shape of your breasts will be heightened by additional enlargement.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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