41 Yr Old Male, Long Face and Upper Lip, Fat in Jowls and Weak Jawline? (photo)

I've always had an oblong face. As I've aged, my upper lip has lengthened, increasing the visual length of the face and giving it that "Homer Simpson" look. Additionally, I lost some weight a few years back and some the fat stayed in my jowl area, mostly on the left side creating an asymmetrical jawline. I'm considering a lip lift as I think the distance between the lip and the nose is a huge visual cue when it comes to making the face look long, but not sure about the jawline/cheek area. Thanks

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Options for lower face

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A weak jaw line is best addressed with a small chin implant placed through a submental incision directly over the bone to give more of anterior projection of the jaw.  When the jowls become prominent they will need to be addressed with a facelift, but at age 41, it is rather early for a man to undergo a facelift.  We do not perform lip lifts in our practice due to the scarring that is present that patients find unacceptable.

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Sagging face and ? long lip.

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Your upper lip is not long and your chin is normal.you have early facial Ging and would. Enefit from removal of the excess skin - a minift. Make sure that you see an experienced facelift surgeon for the best result. 

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