I'm a 40yo Woman Considering Accutane; Should I Worry About Long-term Effects? (photo)

I took it twice in my early 30s, but only for about 3 mos each time -- it worked, but not permanently. I'm an actress, so I really need to stop getting huge pimples on my face, but I'm worried about my fertility and my joints -- I've recently experienced joint stiffness, especially in my hands in the morning. Would fish oil be wise? Thank you!

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Accutane in your 40s

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I have many female patients on Accutane; however, you need to be very careful about conception while on the drug. For women who want to have a baby soon, i.e., within a year, I would not recommend Accutane as most of my patients are on a dosage of 20-40mg daily for about 6-8 months for moderate acne, which is what it appears you have. I would recommend that if you want to conceive soon, you don't go on Accutane but consult a physician for other possible topical or oral medications. 

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