400cc vs. 425cc

I'm 5'3 140lbs and my breast are 12inch in diameter I'm a A/small B (deflated after 2 kids).. I went for a consult today and decided on 425cc's, now i'm worried that might be too big. I know I don't want to go smaller than 400cc's but I want to look natural. Any suggestions on which way to go?

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400cc vs. 425cc

I recommend you show your doctor a picture of what you want to look like. Along with measurements and a discussion of what your goals are should be the basis for choosing an implant size. Patients often get caught up in the amount of "cc's" rather than what their goal is. There is a minimal difference between those two sizes, about 2 tablespoons. Either way, that implant size will put you at about a small D.

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400cc is too big for your breast form

You're certainly not an A cup based on your photos, and I would have real concerns with an implant that size in someone with your frame which is significantly wider then 12 cm (an Allergan style 15 implant is >13 cm for 400cc). A 400 cc device in you is NOT going to look natural and will put you well into a D range. I would personally suggest you go closer to 300cc (a Allergan style 15 304 cc is ~ 12 cm wide, or a style 40 implant is 320 cc at a similar width) and go subfascial or subglandular. That will be a more appropriately fitted device that would tend to cause you fewer problems and last longer (as it's significantly lighter).

Robert Oliver Jr., MD
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How to choose breast implant size

I'm wondering what cup size you are aiming for, what you consider to be natural looking, and why 400 cc is the magic number. I  would make your goals clear to your plastic surgeon in terms of what you want to look like, and leave the exact implant volume and implant profile up to your surgeon. (Implants come in a variety of "profiles" for any given volume. There are multiple different kinds of 400 cc implants, and each profile offers a different degree of projection.) Often women have an idea of what volume based on what friends may have, but this can be very misleading because each woman has unique breasts to start with. A 400 cc implant may make one woman a C cup, and another a DD cup. Rather than just a number, I like to know what overall look each woman is going for in terms of volume, projection, lift, and degree of difference they are aiming for. Your surgeon can use clinical experience and your breast and chest wall dimensions to identify the best implant volume and implant profile to meet your goals. You have to be able to trust that your surgeon understands what you want, and will make the best choice to give you what you're looking for. If you don't, then that surgeon is not a good fit for you. The best time to figure that out is before surgery. It is also helpful to show pictures of what you want to look like, since this can clarify what you want and make sure you are both on the same page. I would recommend choosing a board certified plastic surgeon for any breast augmention procedures. Good luck!

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