Will 400ccHP to 304cc Cause Sagging?

3yrs ago I had 400ccHP put in that are too big for my 5'3" 100lb body. I want to get them replaced with 304cc or 339cc mod+. I was pre op a AA and have asian skin. My PS also sugg. a 350cc high profile but it does not look very different and I would like my profile to be more natural (I also like how boobs droop a little, mine do not droop enough now to cover my crease scar). I am trying to avoid the "ball" look from the front & side view.Id like to go with the 304 but I don't want to be saggy either.

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Best Breast Implant Size/Profile for Me?

Thank you for the question.

Based on your description of your goals, it is clear that you know what you are trying to achieve. I would encourage you to spend a significant amount of time with your plastic surgeon communicating clearly ( as you are doing online).

 You may also want to use “goal pictures” of breasts that you like,  as well as breasts that are too big or too small to help with this communication process.

 In my practice, the decision of which breast implant size/profile will best meet your goals would likely be made intraoperatively,  after the use of intraoperative sizers. I find that  the careful communication preoperatively as well as the use of intraoperative sizers allow for the most precise selection of breast implants ( and in my hands allows for the most consistent method of achieving patients' goals).

 I hope this helps.


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Will 400ccHP to 304cc Cause Sagging?

A photo might help me express an opinion, but nothing is as useful as an in person evaluation.  

Without the benefit of either, I can say that I concur that a 50 cc difference may make too little difference to bother with, and that the sizes you propose are more likely to give a change that you will be pleased with. 

The amount to downsize is, I find, the most difficult sizing decision. You can't try on an implant or do a "rice test" as you can do for primary augmentation, or revision to larger implants. So spending as much time as needed with your surgeon to assure that you are on the same page will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Thanks, and best wishes.

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Consider breast implant dimensions as well

Changing to a smaller implant size can not make a patient sag, but may make a patient look "deflated". In general, changing form 400cc to 300cc (25% reduction in implant size) will not even make a patient look deflated. It will probably give you the softer, more natural look you are looking for. 

Also consider the implant dimensions in choosing your new size. You did not specify which brand you currently have, but both Mentor and Allergan/Natrelle make a 400HP implant. Both have a projection of 5.0cm. The implants you are considering are probably Allergan/Natrelle. Both the 304cc and the 339cc have a projection of 4.0cm. This means both these implants will stick out 1cm less than your current implants. The difference between the 304cc and 339cc is the diameters. The 304cc is 11.9cm tall/wide while the 339cc is 12.4cc tall/wide. So looking at the dimensions, the 339cc may actually help you achieve the more natural look because it has less of a "ball" look and a more natural/gentle slope. In fact, the 339cc is actually slightly taller/wider than your current implants and your surgeon may need to release some of the scar tissue to make room. 

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