I Got a 400c High Profile Will They Shrink? (photo)

Hi my name is Linda I'm about 5feet 6inches weight 158 want to lose 15 more pounds with diet pills and exercise!! My man concern is if my boobs will look smaller then what they already do my stats are 30 waist hips 39 was originally a 36 b they would shrink as I'd lose weight before! I decided on a full c for the fact that didn't want to get a d and me lose weight and look way too big but come to see them on me being a c well I hope feel like there gonna go back to there size once I lose the weight

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400 cc implants and weight loss

If you go on to lose weight, the native breast tissue which is breast parenchyma and fat will shrink a bit.  The fat component will shrink. The implants will remain the same.

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Size Decrease After Augmentation Surgery

Given that you have the surgical tapes still on your breasts, it's obvious you had your surgery very recently.

When my patients ask if their breasts are going to shrink over the next several months, I always tell them- they're swollen now, but when the swelling resolves, it doesn't really result in much of a loss of volume per se. So, no, they aren't really going to be smaller, they will just settle in, and soften, and look more natural.


I'm sorry, after submitting my answer, I saw that your question was really referring to volume decrease after weight loss, as opposed to after the resolution of swelling.

The answer is, it would be difficult to predict. Some women see very little volume change with weight loss, and others see a lot. You will have to wait and see. I do also counsel my patients that if they are anticipating any significant changes in their diet/exercise regimen to induce weight loss, that they wait on surgery until they've achieved their desired weight.

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Breast implants do not shrink but native breasts volume might decrease of weight loss after breast augmentation.

You should know whether the volume of your breasts goes up and down with weight loss. If it does so without implants it will do the same with implants.

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Implant changes with recovery and weight loss

Before surgery, if you noticed significant changes in your breast size with weight fluctuation, then you may see the same effect after breast augmentation. Your implants will not shrink in size, but they will soften and settle in position and appear more natural over the next 2-3 months. 

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Weight loss and breast implants

Hello. The affects of weight loss on breast tissue is unpredictable and varies widely between patients. If you have lost volume do to weight loss before then you will still lose volume now, but the actual breast implants will not change only the breast tissue around them may shrink.

Jaime Perez, MD
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Effect of Weight Loss on Breast Implants

When you loose weight, your own breast tissue may shrink, but the implants will remain the same size.  So, basically, with weight loss, your overall breast size may decrease but not to the extent that it would if you did not have the implants.


Good Luck.

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I Got a 400c High Profile Will They Shrink?

The implant size won't change, but the breast, like all tissue that contain fat, will change size with weight changes, and the amount can't really be predicted. Some women note breast size changes with 5 pounds of weight loss, others lose massive amounts of weight without any change in breast size.

All the best. 

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Will breast volume decrease?

Hello.  First you must realize that the implants will not change in volume regardless.  The next thing you must consider is previous weight loss.  When you had a significant weight loss prior to now did you breast size change dramatically?  If the answer is yes, then it is likely that if you lose weight now your breast tissue will shrink.  However, keep in mind that your implants will not.  Best of luck to you. 

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15 lb Weight Loss and Loss of Breast Size

         The breasts will lose mass with weight loss, but the degree and amount of change is hard to predict.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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