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Do Plastic Surgeons charge by the hour or per area? I would like to get both my mons pubis and my sides done. Is the side fat (when you are wearing a bra,'the fat that is spilling to the sides by the rib cage) called the flanks? I wish I'd gotten my mons done sooner but I didn't know you could even get that area done. How long would these two areas take?

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Charges for Liposuction

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   It would make more sense to charge by estimated time in the OR as liposuctioning 200 cc from one area may take less time than liposuctioning 2.5 liters from that same area.  However, both ways are done.  The key is to be able to differentiate the plastic surgeon who will make a dramatic change.  That is what is worth paying more. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Combined Mons and Flank Liposuction

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Surgeons charge for liposuction by either area or time. In my practice, I do it by time. Both the mons pubic area and the flanks could be done at the same time, which is about an hour under anesthesia. Because neither area is big, both the procedure and the recovery are not long.

Liposuction by the area

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It probably is common that surgeons charge by the area, though charges for liposuction can also take into account the time factor, equipment used, even the volume. Location such as a facility or office based procedure, and anesthesia also factor in. Just make sure at the end of your consultation you fully understand your total cost and what actually will be done.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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