4 Upper Front Teeth Missing to Have a Fixed Bridge?

Hi to all dentist My case is I have 4 upper front teeth missing, and I'm planning to have a fixed bridge done considering my budget. My canines have undergone minor fillings before and now is starting to have black decay on the side. Is fixed bridge is still considerable or it will need further abutment aside from my two canines.? Thanks for the reply!

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Fixed Bridge to Replace 4 Missing Front Teeth

Under normal circumstances, the 2 canines would be adequate to support the fixed bridge. However, my concern, and should be yours as well, is why did you lose your front 4 teeth, and why are you still getting decay on those easily cleansable teeth? You should definitely deal with this issue of decay BEFORE you have a fixed bridge made. Otherwise, odds are that you will ultimately lose the bridge and canines as well, due to decay.

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