4 Mths. Post Op Lipo Still Have Lots Bruising is This Normal?

I had a full TT and liposuction 3-15-2012 then went back for a revision @ the end of June I still have brusing on back and inner thighs and also on incision I have a hard ball under my skin is this normal? ???

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Bruising 4 Months after Liposuction

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  The hard ball under the skin may be fat necrosis or fluid collection (seroma or hematoma).  The bruising could be related to this or may be the result of hemosiderin staining of the skin.  An exam would be necessary to sort all of these things out.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Bruising 4 months after liposuction is almost unheard of.

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I'm very surprised that you still have bruising months after liposuction.  This is unexpected and deserves careful discussion with your surgeon.  It is possible that you have a hematoma that should be or should have been drained.

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