4 Mo.s After Rhino and Nose Looks Crooked?

I had a rhino to shave down two bumps on either side of my upper bridge(broken nose injury) and to round out the tip.... it has been 4 mo and while alot of swelling has gone away my nose looks very crooked from certain angles and the tip is still droopy . from certain angles my nose looks like it "hooks" with a noticable bump on one side & a droopy tip should i be worried??

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Crooked nose four months post-rhinoplasty

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Even though at four months it may still be too early to worry, what you are describing may not be completely normal. It is very important you have your surgeon examine your nose and give an opinion. A second opinion may be worthwhile, as well.

Rhinoplasty results

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Without knowing how extensive the surgery was or how well your healing process is going, the only person that can advise you is your surgeon.  If you are unhappy with his/her advice, seek out a second opinion.  You will need your medical records.  As a rule of thumb, surgery usually takes at lesat 6 months to a year to enjoy your final results. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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