I Have $4,000, I Would Like Breast Implants, Can You Help Me?

I am a single mother of one and a University student, as such I will not qualify for financing. I live in the Denver Metro area and I want to have my procedure done around Feb 2011. I have saved $4,000 for breast implants. I have searched online and the average price in my area is quoted at $6,000. I have no abnormalities that would complicate my surgery. I was wondering if their might be a surgeon in my area that would consider doing my procedure at this cost?

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Breast augmentation surgery

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Be careful what you wish for. Very discounted surgery may be done by some, but be wary of whay they would undersell the market by so much.

Discounted surgery

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I agree to be very careful on who you select. It may seem like a good plan at the time, but one you could regret for a long while going forward

Discounted breast augmentation - not smart

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Trying to find someone who will do your surgery for $4000 is not a good idea.  The cost of the implants, the rest of the expenses for equipment and salaries of the nurses, insurance, anesthesia etc will eat that right up in any reputable office.  What you will wind up with is some non-plastic surgeon who will prey on you as they try to build up a practice in something they were not trained to do.  Your costs will be huge to try to fix a bad job so it would be much wiser to save 2-3000 more and find an excellent real plastic surgeon to do your surgery.  Wait til then for your sake please!

Breast Augmentation Financing?

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Thank you for the question

Based on your pictures you should have a excellent results with the breast augmentation procedure.

The most important decision you make at this point  is surgeon selection;  this decision should be made based solely on who you feel will most reliably achieve the results you're looking for. This quality of work generally won't be discounted.

I am concerned that given your financial constraints that you will fall into the hands of a non-plastic surgeon performing these procedures and be left with less than optimal results. These types of results will potentially cost you a significant amount of emotional, physical and financial hardship.

It would be far better to postpone your surgery date  and save for the procedure to be done by the best board certified plastic surgeon you can find.

Best wishes.

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