3rd Revision Rhino: Questions About Steroid Shots? (photo)

This questions follows my previous one regarding my non existing tip and pollybeak deformity. Can steroid shot make the tip support weak and "melt" it away? I had the tip injected once, 4 months after the latest surgery. Is that to blame that my tip will not hold up? Personally I think the tip needs more support and definition. When is the earliest realistic time to operate again, do I have to wait for 12 months?

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Steroids act to help reorganize scar tissue and decrease swelling/inflammation

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It is highly unlikely that judiciously placed steroid (Kenalog) shots placed intradermally would cause the tip support mecahnisms to fail. The swelling that you are noticing is most likely due to the surgery and the nature of revision rhinoplasty. The nose takes a longer time to absorb the swelling becasue the lymphatics have been disturbed (in your case 3 times). Try not to make any decisions regarding the appearance of your nose until (at minimum) the one year mark. I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon and try to reserve all judgments until that one year mark. I hope this helps.

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