3rd Revision in 5 Weeks to Drop my Pocket and Open up Capsule, What's Wrong? (photo)

10/21/11 surgery for implants. 3 month post op, difference in the sizes, crease, & my right implant had not dropped. PS recommended a revision surgery onright to add saline open pocket & capsule.2/6/12 revision surgery.NOW, PS suggested that I have a 3rd surgery to drop my pocket yet again, & open up the capsule on top in hopes of releasing the implant. She assured me this would correct the placement of the creases. I’m concern about the 3rd surgery. Is this a fault of surgeon? What's wrong?

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Multiple revisions in five weeks?

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Multiple revisions in a short period of time does raise some questions. Implants may take up to six months to settle into place as shown by Dr. Boyd Burkhardt years ago. Usually, lowering the pocket is delayed for 3-6 months to allow the implant to settle. Small size differences may be corrected by adding saline to saline implants. Larger volume differences will likely require placing a larger implant. You should discuss your situation with your board certified plastic surgeon or get a second opinion from another one.

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3rd revision of breasts

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At this point you should wait a few more months before considering anything else. You may want to get a second opinion from someone else as well.

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