3rd Chin Implant Revision?

I had a revised chin implant on Jan. 2012. The surgeon trimmed the wing so that it did not hang past my chin (came out of pocket 1st implant sx). I still feel the implant and my mouth and chin seems to pull down on the side where the trim was done. Could my surgeon have created a new pocket? I hate the side that did not stay in pocket. So dissatisfied and just want it to look right. Am I expecting too much? My PS is board certified. I'm not sure I want him to do the revision. : (

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Chin Implant Revision

   In general, the issue of malposition or problematic border of an implant can be corrected.  Sometimes removing the implant and redissecting the pocket at a later time can be done.  In addition, the implant can be fixed to bone to prevent migration or rotation.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Chin Implant Revision

The approach to revision for an extended chin implant wing that ends up below the border of the mandible is to either make a new pocket and reposition the entire side of that implant or remove the very end if just a small piece was folded or too low. I suspect that just trimming the tip in your case has not proven adequate and much of the wing is still too low. A more definitive revision now would be to remove the entire implant and make a new higher pocket on the troublesome side. This is necessary as the entire implant is likely tilted and the implant needs to be rotated in its entirety from its central position. Screw fixation should then be used on both sides to ensure that this new alignment is maintained.

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