3rd Augmentation. Is it Worth It?

My left breast was unbelievable uneven. I had a FIRST surgery to correct this, which included implants and reducing the left nipple size. My left nipple stretched out again, and I had a SECOND surgery a year later. In this surgery, they only corrected the left nipple. It has stretched out again. My doctor has suggested a THIRD surgery, with an actual lift this time. My question is: Is this worth my time? Will my nipples ever look the same, or is this just asking for an even more botched job?

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Around the nipple lifts are prone to relapse

Unless the blocking suture is effective, or the lift is converted to a vertical pattern, re-dilatation of the areola is a common event, often called a relapse. If you have lost confidence in your surgeon you might get a second opinion as a stable result and nipple is possible. Worth it? That is up to you.

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Areola issue?

It sounds like you have an areola issue. Sometimes the suture that holds the areola size can dissolve or the suture can untie causing the areola to spread.

Steven Wallach, MD
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