What is the Difference Between 3Deep RF & Lyposonix? 3Deep and Fraxel Dual?

What is the difference between 3Deep RF & lyposonix? What kind of results are typically seen with 3Deep? Also, what is the difference between using 3Deep technology on the face versus Fraxel Dual?

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Difference Between 3Deep RF & Lyposonix? 3Deep and Fraxel Dual?

The main difference between the 3 companies is the energy source that each one uses;
Lyposonix-uses High-intensity ultrasound energy, in order to destroy fat cells.
Fraxel-uses laser energy, to stimulate collagen, and resurfaces the top skin layer.
3DEEP-uses radio frequency energy, in order to heat the deep layer of the skin to generate collagen fibers.

Radio Frequency technology has been proven to be effective and safe for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. The main advantage of the radio frequency RF)  is that Radiofrequency waves penetrate the skin much more efficiently than light (laser) and is independent of skin color.
The multisource radio frequency in the Endymed 3DEEP system allows to safely heat the deeper levels of the skin (the dermis), with minimal surface heating, for effective collagen remodeling and wrinkle reduction, with no downtime or pain.

Personally , I have a very good experience and results with the Endymed 3DEEP system, and the patients are very satisfied with the treatments.

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