3DEEP (Endymed) for Skin Tightening?

I am getting smartlipo in my abdomen, back, hips - they are recommending 3DEEP for skin tightening after the procedure. Can you tell me if you have seen good results with this? I am 38 and have had two children. I am a bit worried about loose skin after the procedure.

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Abdominoplasty vs. liposuction and non-surgical skin tightening

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These combinations are usually recommended by non-surgeons. You cannot effectively tighten skin without removing the excess unless the excess is mild. If the excess is more than mild it does not work. If you turn up the power to make it work you can causing scarring and other problems. In other words your concerns are valid. I am not saying you should not have the procedure. From the limited information in your post it is impossible to know what  you would be a good candidate for. If the doctor recommending this procedure uses terms like 'I will remove all of the fat with the smartlipo", "this procedure is better than an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)" etc. You should run in the other direction.  These are not substitutes for surgery they are better when applied to individuals who are borderline or less candidates for surgery.

If you have had 2 children it is likely that the midline muscles are stretched apart. The procedure you are contemplating will have no effect on the muscle portion of the abdomen.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I used EndyMed 3 deep after many procedures to help with additional skin tightening

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By itself- you only get a modes tightening effect with this device. But I often combine it with other procedures (kybella) to help me get maximal tightening. 

Sameer Bashey, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Endymed can tighten skin

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It depends on the severity of your problem.  If you have had loosening of your abdominal wall muscles or a significant loss of skin elasticity or are older, a surgical abdominoplasty might be your best result.  If the skin is more elastic, then you might see a significant benefit with liposuction and further improvement with Endymed skin tightening.  Conversely, we have found that liposuction and abdominoplasty irregularities can be improved with Endymed and platelet rich plasma combined treatments.

Gregory S. Keller, MD, FACS
Santa Barbara Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Skin Tightening Lasers- Do Not Get Caught Up In Brand Names

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Skin Tightening Lasers- Do Not Get Caught Up In Brand Names


First of all you should ask -"Do they really work?" I would urge you to find a responsible and knowledgeable plastic surgeon and not focus on brand names as this is the least important part of your decision.  As far as longevity- the six week results of your intervention are as permanent as anything in your body can be.  you will continue to age depending on your genetics and environmental factors.

The problem with noninvasive skin tightening is that everyone wants it and everyone wants to believe it works.  The result is practitioners of all sorts capitalizing on this demand.  The truth about skin tightening interventions is that almost all of them work AND NONE OF THEM WORK.  What I mean by this is that there are many ways to convert energy into heat inside or below the skin causing contraction.  The problem is that to deliver clinically effective results the tissue needs to reach at a minimum 43 C which is uncomfortable and can be scary for the patient and the practitioner.  This often results in ineffective treatment and wasted time and money.  I have developed extensive experience with noninvasive technologies mot because I'm a fan but because my patients demand it.  After using several "best in class" technologies to deliver definitive results, my patients were relatively pleased but I was underwhelmed.  THis is why I started using  a treatment that we call Maerckks Multimodal Therapy(MMT) in my practice.  All this is is an intelligently designed multitechnology treatment customized for the individual patient.  I use multiple diffferent frequencies and administration systems for radiofrequency delivery, three different ultrasound frequencies, infrared pulsed light, two different laser systems in concert to deliver immediate significant results that are hard to argue with and continue improving for weeks.  I think the only way to get real results is to combine technologies under the direction of a plastic surgeon that understands the capabilities and limitations of noninvasive skin tightening.  No one technology really delivers anything significant.  Also realiize that even my MMT results that I am very proud of do not remotely compare to what I can achieve with surgery and the cost can approach or exceed that of surgery depending on location and individual patient findings

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