Brown Crusts After IPL

3days ago I had an ipl treatment for age spots. I've had this treatment many times in the past. The brown crusty spots have fallen off already and now I have pink skin under where the brown crusty things were (age spots too). Does this indicate a burn? What should I do?

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Spots/Crusts after IPL

Without being able to see the spots specifically it is difficult to say for sure but generally speaking it is not uncommon to get some brown rectangles or stripes after an IPL treatment.  They generally dry and flake off and the skin underneath is new and pink.  It is most important not to pick or peel at these dry spots because this can lead to scarring or scabbing if new good skin comes off with the dry skin.  Keep the areas moisturized (aquaphor/vaseline/moisturizer with no perfume)  and protected from the sun.  The pink areas should blend with the rest of the surrounding skin within a few weeks.  Some patients opt to treat around the striped areas to have them blend more quickly.   IPL usually requires a number of treatments to remove or significantly lighten brown/age spots, so more treatments may be needed to treat the spots under the crusts no sooner than 3-4 weeks. Hope this helps. 



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